My RHD Internship

image3I’ve been sitting here thinking and I absolutely cannot figure out where the past four months went. When I first got to Texas in January I felt like this internship was going to take it’s own solid chunk of time out of my life. I guess it has, but it really doesn’t seem like I’ve been here more than a month. This little post-grad adventure has been just what I needed in numerous ways. Ranch House Designs has been a company I’ve admired from the moment I stumbled across their Facebook page a few years ago. My obsession with cattle sales met the perfect match in everything that RHD does. I bought Rachel’s book, Purebred Livestock Marketing, and pretty much highlighted and page-tabbed it to death. When I saw the announcement for their Fall 2013 livestock marketing workshop I signed up and happily drove 9 hours from Stillwater, Oklahoma to Boling, Texas to attend it. bfd18bc91a0cb5f8fee806b6d5b41904

When RHD posted their internship application I wasn’t sure if I should apply. I had looked through all of their design galleries and knew there’s not a creative bone hiding in my body that would ever give me that capability. However, the internship was focused on social media and blogging, so I gave it a shot. When Rachel emailed me asking to set up an interview, I was in shock that my favorite company in the ag industry was actually considering me for their internship. I rarely show any sort of emotion but I think I actually let out a little squeak of excitement when I got the email offering me the internship. If you think I text back creepily fast, you’d be even more scared of how quickly I replied to that email.

image2I’ve learned a lot in my time with RHD and I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to spend time with these amazing women. If you’re looking for someone to help you with your marketing strategy, you’re not going to find anyone better than Ranch House Designs. The quality standard that they’ve set for their work is second to none and their knowledge of what it takes to get advertisements noticed is unrivaled. Now that I’ve spent four months working with and learning from them, I have an even greater respect for their work.

In February, my family’s ranch booked our website with RHD and I could not be happier with how it turned out and how easy it was to work with them. If you’re thinking about booking a website or print advertisement with RHD and want to know more about them, feel free to quiz me! You don’t have to be a cattle producer! They serve customers worldwide from numerous industries.

1743519_10206330977652231_9186796904867860941_nI’m incredibly thankful for the kindness and generosity of each and every person at RHD. You guys have made it easy for me to move even farther away from family to yet another place where I knew no one. Thanks to Kristen for sharing your office with me! Thanks to Ashley for always sending kind words and encouragement about blogs I wrote or graphics I made! And I’m forever grateful to Rachel for giving me the opportunity to be part of both RHD and V8 Ranch! There’s not enough kind words in the world for me to describe just how appreciative I am of my time here. I’ll always be RHD’s biggest fan. You ladies are amazing! 🙂

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