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Welcome! I’m Tierra Kessler and I live on an Angus cattle ranch in Northeast Oregon. In this blog you’ll find photos and stories illustrating my passion for cattle, my dogs, photography, and long drives.

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You might be wondering how one can be “blessed by beef” – I truly believe that I was blessed to end up right here where I am.

My story in agriculture began with a couple’s decision to choose adoption to complete their family when it became apparent that they wouldn’t be able to start a family on their own. At four years old, I went from having nothing but a teddy bear and blanket to call my own to having loving parents and a cattle ranch! One of the sweetest parts was that I got to keep my year-old baby sister with me, as they chose to bring us both into their family. It’s an interesting realization to come to when you find that you would’ve lived a completely different life depending on what family chose you, or if you’d never been chosen at all, as many foster children face.

Shortly after I joined my forever family, my dad picked out my first heifer for me to call my own. “Sweetie” as she came to be known, would be my first responsibility. Right from the get-go on a family ranch we all get to learn the importance of caring for animals and being responsible for more than just ourselves.

Since then, my herd has grown to about 20 cows, however the ranch runs close to 450 females. We specialize in selling registered Angus bulls, and merchandise about 140 per year. I look forward to sharing my story with y’all!

Facts About Me

During college I interned with the Northern International Livestock Exposition, Agri Beef Co., and Ranch House Designs, Inc. These gave me a well rounded knowledge of livestock shows, feedlots, and livestock marketing.

I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2014 with a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science.

My first full time job was with a livestock marketing agency in Texas called Ranch House Designs, Inc.

During the summer of 2016 I transitioned into a full time position on the family ranch.

I have a goal of being the second generation of management on our ranch and someday raising my own family here on this land.

I’m absolutely obsessed with my dogs. Bentley is a Pomeranian Shih Tzu mix that I got on Craigslist in Portland during finals week of my sophomore year at Oregon State University. Newt is a papered Pembrook Welsh Corgi who thinks he’s a cow dog and refuses to be left behind when theres work to be done on the ranch.

I love photography and enjoy doing senior photo shoots along with covering ranch events such as brandings. I also take pictures of our bulls for our sale catalog.

I’ll choose a car over a plane every time no matter how long the drive. To me there’s not much that’s more relaxing than drives.


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