The Journey of a Bull

My family owns and operates a registered Angus cattle ranch in Oregon, with our main focus being selling bulls to other ranchers in the Pacific Northwest states. Everything we do from the moment a calf is born revolves around helping him grow to be a big, strong, healthy bull. All cattle ranchers keep detailed records... Continue Reading →

Kessler Angus Bull Sale | 2018

Ahh, picture day...both exciting & extremely stressful. We always seem to struggle to get nice weather for bull pictures in November around here as fall tends to be extremely foggy, but it all works out in the end! I'm excited about the set of bulls I pictured for the 2018 Kessler Angus Bull Sale &... Continue Reading →

Mineral Supplementation

One of my jobs today was to check and fill mineral feeders and put out salt blocks for the cattle. ¬†On a ranch cattle eat grass as their main source of nutrient intake. However, we don't just turn the cattle out and expect everything to go perfectly. There are many companies that produce mineral products... Continue Reading →

Summer Pasture

Some of my absolute favorite views come when we turn heifer calf pairs out to summer pasture in Wallowa and Lostine, Oregon. During the summer our cattle graze pastures, however our ranch is not big enough to support all of them without needing to supplement hay or grain to their diets. To make sure the... Continue Reading →

Kessler Angus Bull Sale | 2017

We lucked out and got a fog-free day just before Thanksgiving this year! I pictured a handful of my family's sale bulls. Sale bull pictures are one of my favorite things to do! View more information on these bulls at

Kessler Angus | Bull Sale | 2016

Below are a few images I captured for my family's bull sale promotion. Picture days can be tough and stressful but they're so rewarding! These bulls will sell Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at our ranch near Milton-Freewater, Oregon.

Wow, I love your antelope!

When I was a kid, I didn't realize that not everyone lives on a ranch. This was apparent when I'd go into elementary school and vividly describe to the others what happened when dad AI'd a cow or pulled a calf the day before. I kept my teachers on their toes during story time. My... Continue Reading →

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