Cattle Sales Management

Are you planning your first production sale or looking for help with your next sale?

Cattle sales are my passion.

As seedstock producers our make it or break it moment tends to be the day of our annual production sale. I grew up in the Angus business learning the art of private treaty, consignment, and production sales. The first time I got to sit next to James Danekas and clerk a JDA, Inc. managed female sale at about 10 years old I was hooked! When my parents decided to begin holding an annual bull sale in 2007 I started behind the scenes getting bulls into sale order and to the ring. From then I moved to clerking the sale and now I’m in charge of our marketing strategy, planning the catalog, and managing the sale office and paperwork.

I’ve seen what works. I’ve spent long days in a picture pen. I’ve been through the process of lotting bulls, choosing sale orders, and providing a positive customer experience.

I can help.

Look to me, however basic or extravagant your needs may be.

Services include:

  • Dam & Herd Sire Photos
  • Sale Catalog Photos
  • Lotting Sale Cattle
  • Catalog Layout
  • Footnote Writing & Editing
  • Ranch Stock Photography
  • Sale Day Clerking
  • Sale Office Management
    • Check-in of buyers
    • Check-out of buyers
    • Post-sale registration transfers
    • Delivery paperwork
    • Sale reports
  • Social Media
    • Pre-sale account management and creation.
    • Featured lot promotions
    • Engaging content
    • Graphics
    • Blogs
    • Live coverage of sales/events
  • Advertising plans and placement strategy
  • Email Marketing
Let me know how I can best serve you!

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