Commonly Used Terms

Oftentimes we use terms in the cattle industry that don’t make sense to people outside of the ranch. Just like any line of work we’ve developed our own jargon – if you see words on this blog that you don’t understand check for the definition here. Is the word you’re looking for not here? Comment on a post, email me or message me on social media and I’ll get you the answer!

Alfalfa: a leguminous plant with cloverlike leaves that is turned into hay for livestock to eat.

Angus: a breed of cattle known for their superior meat quality. You will often see “Angus Burgers” or the Certified Angus Beef label at restaurants. This means the beef you’re eating comes directly from the Angus breed and has been selected for quality.

Bull: a mature male

Calf: a baby up to a year of age.

Cow: a mature female.

Dam: the mother.

Heifer: a female that has not calved yet. Cattle calve for the first time at age 2.

Sire: the father.

Steer: a male that has been castrated, or neutered. A steer’s purpose is to go into meat production.


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